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December - National: The Cook Report

A legend... A one man crusade who will uncover any type of injustice or dodgy dealing and fight for the common cause... Central TV's top reporter Roger Cook, turns his attention to the ravescene...


With the highly imaginative programme title "Ecstasy", Mr Cook's half-hour tirade on the ravescene examined the links between "e", raves and other harder drugs. He went on to promote his own "BassEc" rave in a effort to "flush out" the main dealers - "and it worked" somehow...


Now posing as one of the "Big Backers" in the ravescene, he went to Amsterdam in the Netherlands to meet some Ecstasy dealers to try and buy a vast quantity of Ecstasy tablets to sell in the UK.


Raves up and down the country felt his wrath of his sharp tongue and coupled with Cook's trademark comments and line-feeding, it is worth viewing just for it's comedic value alone.


The show also featured dubious policemen and influential figures who were more than ready to jump on the bandwagon and discredit the ravescene at every turn.


After the customary handing all the tapes and information over to the Police, the footage Roger Cook used in his show spelt the "end-of-the-road" for some promoters.




December 4th - Exeter: Universe

The organisers from Universe attempt to end a spectacular first year for them by holding their first inodoor rave, "In The Underworld" at Westpoint Exhibition Centre in Clyst St. Mary near Exeter.


As with all the big rave organisers, Universe have to play a very risky hand by promoting the event and releasing the flyers before the relevant license is granted. Universe's grand plan backfires as the local authorities refuse their license application, rave cancelled.




December 5th - Blackpool: Dreamstate

The sunny tourist mecca of Blackpool in the north of England now becomes the raving mecca as High Risk promotions start to host Dreamstate at Madisons on the Promenade.




December - Margate: Seduction

It seems to be all over for ravers in Kent as officials from Thanet District Council turn down Seduction's attempt to hold another party at the Lido Complex in Margate, Kent.


At Seduction's license hearing, council officals brought along witnesses who testified to a raft of serious and potentially life-threatening issues that took place at their parties during the course of this year.


The final nail in the coffin for the organisers was when a young raver fell from a balcony during the Prodigy gig last month...




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