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News 010 - The Orbit

Originally hosting parties from two venues in the early ninities, the Orbit in Morley, Leeds grew from a small weekly provincial club into one, if not the biggest techno club in the United Kingdom. is still in the desperate need of a kind natured partygoer or collector how may have the odd spare flyer or christmas card lying around...


We need to get going on this spotlight feature that we have been sitting on for nearly two years, and now is the time we need your assistance in locating the last three items above to finally finish our definitive album.


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News 009 - Counterfeit Rave Flyers have recieved some shocking infomation regarding a once reputable seller touting crappy counterfeit flyers on eBay, so please make sure what you buying is the real thing!.


If you have been duped by this character, you are not alone. We have also bought an item off this seller and we wasn't impressed with his offering. Don't worry, this seller has been neg'd and all the relevant authorities have been informed!. If you have bought items off this seller [ "raveonart" or "evelyn_0268" ] and you believe your flyers are too "new" to be in mint condition, please let eBay know!. We are sorry to be put in this position and have to "name and shame" this fellon but these types of things needs to be nipped in the bud as it will tarnish reputable sellers [ who are doing a grand job!. ] on the bay and everybody needs to know what's going on.


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News 008 - Site Updates

For those not in the loop... There has been quite a few updates to the site, but not that much time so mention it out aloud!. Last month was spent trawling through folders and boxes in a desperate attempt to keep oldskool ravers by their computers.


Hours of hard graft, head scratching, searching, thinking and screaming at the computer has culminated in the creation of over 300+ new items to this archive!. All the sorid details of this mad mission will follow shortly...


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News 007 - on facebook™

At long last this website has been dragged into the 21st century!. Only just recently, has started up a fanpage on the people's favorite website, Facebook. We at do not consider this page to be merely a "Fanpage", this page is a "friends of this site" page so don't be shy, leave a message and say hello!.


On our facebook page you will find the most recent updates to the site in digestable form and we will be adding a host of freebies which will only be available to friends of the page, you know you want to add us to your favourites!.


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