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News 015 - Flyer Uploads

As you may have noticed has gone on a mad spring time upload session. over the last few months, our office has extremely busy updating three pages a week to try and keep to our mandate to provide you with best rave artwork whenever we can.


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News 014 - Roach Material / Geriatric Ravers

Another bit of good news we have been tipped-off about is the welcomed re-introduction of Blayboy's rave pages.


Still in it's early re-vamp stages, Blayboy's pages featured a superb and rare selection of rave flyers from the Bournemouth area and futher affield which doublely served as eye candy for us in the office and more importantly as another source of valulable information as we hadn't seen half of his flyers, d'oh!.


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News 012 - Spirit Of Ibiza '89

On offer this month is an exhibition featuring the work of legendary acid house photographer Dave Swindells.


His "Spirit Of Ibiza '89" exhibition documents the rise of the early acid house scene from a very rare standpoint that is just as, if not more important as rave flyers themselves. Not just resting on acid house, Dave's exhibiton also features the many other genres of music he has covered during his years as the nightlife editior for Time Out magazine.


The exhibition [ which you should definitely check out if you are in the manor ] is at The Printspace, 74 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, London, E2 8DL. The gallery re-opens on tuesday 3rd May and is open daily from 9am to 7pm, monday to friday.


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News 011 - Damon Kroonsberg

It's with bad timing but we have to inform you that legendary graphic designer Damon Kroonsberg has past away last sunday - the 21st November 2010 at the relatively young age of 40.


For those of you don't know, under his "Design Asylum" moniker, Damon colourfully provided the soundtrack to London's thriving jungle scene from the mid's to late ninties. Damon was the artist of choice for a host of top promoters and was slightly ahead of his time. Damon's designs could be seen as visionary and his bulging client list was quite literally a who's who within London's emerging jungle-dnb conoscenti.


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